Disservice to the voters

Things that plague me in the middle of the night: 

Is “sedition” the same as Treason? Is the “big lie” replaced by the “new big lie” (truth)? How does one vote “make a difference”? Are politicians greedy and power-hungry; what percentage of these are in your estimation? 

Do the average voters realize the consequences of voting to take over the House with the promise of removing human rights, democracy, the right to make personal choices like same sex or interracial marriages, and Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid?  

Why don’t these questions get addressed by the media (rather than regurgitating and speculating)? How many news watchers know the messages of the news anchors (using big words, or 2022 catch phrases like “woke” or existential, quid pro quo)?  

~ by judylove64 on October 27, 2022.

3 Responses to “Disservice to the voters”

  1. Interesting questions! Two things stand out. What’s an average voter. I have no idea. Wish they were all like us, but we know they aren’t. The other is about media. The media has become a talent show, rather than news. Very sad times for those of us who knew what good reporting was.

    • Thank you as always – I am going to start blogging on the thousands of thoughts, occurring and interrupting my sleep. Many of these are comical but also serious. I have been lost since stopping school. I need to spend some time also on teaching the computer to do voice recognition. My vision is a problem Age related macular degeneration has caused legal blindness in right eye. Also, trying to write with my very demanding Maya is difficult, she whines for me to sit with her in love seat or rocker recliner. She is so very alpha over me. She and Danny take turns expressing their dominance by humping each other, drives me crazy. Both dogs are fixed but I actually think he enjoys the feeling and she tolerates it to a point. But as always I digress.

    • Thanks, I need to become proactive writing it is cathartic.

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