Why do we spend so many dollars on outer space knowledge and space travel?

The billions of dollars spent on this topic seem to me to be a tremendous waste of time, knowledge, and really are we going anywhere else? The junk from worn down, broken or damaged test runs, pollute the universe much like the way we have cared for our home (earth). The same amount of money could be directed toward clean-up here or helping the people starving or victims of disasters. Think how the ultra-rich spend their money building and sending space ships to go where(?) 

On the same thought of wasted money, the political donations to “buy control” over decisions to enhance the donors’ income, is obscene! Big money, dark money, I mean Really? The idea of cutting SS income, Medicare, & Medicaid, for seniors is another very sick idea! The same politician who dreams up these ideas make six figures of reported income, not to mention the lobby income or donation income that is misappropriated. 

~ by judylove64 on October 28, 2022.

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