I am still requiring much redirection for positive thinking. I am the outlet for people to vent, most of venting is negative which I internalize and then my response is to find solutions (as a nurse I readily accept but should not)! Every day repeated phone calls but there is not “outlet” for me.

Humor and music are ways to relieve the emotional moods. Music absolutely has the capability to take me to another place. It is freeing and can evolve into creativity. Creativity is another outlet that I have but am not applying.

I blame myself for behaviors and stand as emotional judge and jury, penalizing and unforgiving, harshly reprimanding night (more than) day. Night is a dark place where distraction is gone. A place where my inner voice just will not “shut up”!

My mission today is to be kind and loving to others but more to myself. My inner child blossoms with acceptance, love, and laughter. Laughter is a gift that I must give myself. When I promote laughing at myself, I allow others to join in but if permission is not given, I seethe. Today join me and laugh!


~ by judylove64 on October 29, 2022.

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