MORE-Things that plague me in the middle of the night: 

Note this topic will be continued as revelations occur.

Command Central is an expression used by my ex which refers to his computer, speakers, and other electronic devices. He spends hours there playing computer games, reading the msn homepage, and checking banks balances as well as email inbox. Seldom will he write outgoing mail or initiate other activities unless there is a problem. It is the moment when his panic button gets stuck and I am called into action. 

During the night the term used above popped into my mind, why, you ask? I haven’t a clue! I was awakened to a “I have to go right now” bladder emergency and the activity apparently is connected to switch in my brain that turns on thinking verses sleeping. Therefore, I realized my ability to identify physical sensations, the possibilities or causes of nerve stimulation, and whether medication was indicated. For example, pain is a huge reason for the awareness of relief versus sleeplessness, implying that an action or decision is necessary.  

From the point of view of mental stimulation, my thoughts like lightning zip through other possibilities related to the original mental observation. One such thought is realizations of my unique ability to label and describe the site of pain, the type of pain (radiating or point tenderness), and the body position while sleeping. Examples could be numbness of my hand and lower arm, which might suggest cervical arthritis or peripheral neuropathy either one accurate (previously diagnosis). Given the former description in conjunction with the function of “command central” apply to the Brain. Now, backtracking to why I need Ambien, a hypnotic drug to help me sleep. The effects are within minutes of popping that “baby” and the switch for thinking is off and so am I. Shutting down the many urgent needs of the past twenty-four hours otherwise take priority to sleep.  

Although the drug works for a minimum of five hours, it can linger for a few more minutes, following a bladder run. Well, there are downsides to the medication too. Some reports of sleep walking, cooking, or even sexual activities have been identified. In my case, I have had some personal issues with this medication. One issue is the inhibition of dreaming and recalling the content of such activities. Dreams still occur but are much further out of reach. Many opinions on the purpose of dreaming over hundreds of years and psychological theories have been handed down. I find my dreams convey issues that need to be addressed, e.g., a broken telephone in an emergency relates to a problem with communication (which is often the case). Another, symbolic dream refers to a car traveling in one direction that cannot be stopped. The car is me and the behavior is the direction forward or backward that needs to be discontinued. 

I have begun making mental notes of certain significant mental messages in the night. Since my goal is to further my writing, it offers me a topic daily. It also allows me to move forward and freely associate my thoughts as if I am the therapist and an objective observer. However, identifying a problem area that indicates change, me, myself and I will reach a point of conflict and the analysis halted. The brain is the command post of the body or center. 

~ by judylove64 on October 30, 2022.

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