Animal Behavior

Observed animal behavior and communication:

My world has been limited to basic “social isolation” since the onset of the Pandemic. Therefore, my dogs have been very close, almost intimately involved. I not only tell them everything about where I am going, why, how long, and what I expect and how they will adjust! Or so I wish the verbal information is received.

They (Maya & Danny) play dumb and deaf, but I can see through their games. For example, Danny pretends to be sleeping but has one eye open, literally. Maya acts like she does not know what I am saying, that is until I call her out. “Maya, I know you know what I am saying!” She begins to act uncomfortable; her tail starts to way and her ears perk up. She will spring up and jump on me. Really? You didn’t hear me? Right!

The more time I am with them the more of them the more vocabulary they learn. Danny is almost terrified of thunder; his behavior is uncontrollable, and he needs a huge block of reassurance. He has now associated rain with thunder (apparently). Last evening, he started, and I was puzzled, so I checked my phone for a weather map. Sure enough, a band of storms was moving eastward through our area and would be for the next few hours (until 10pm). So, I was aware of the root cause for his behavior. Maya responds similarly but apparently for different reasons (his neurotic reactions). Dan was somewhat consolable, so I brought his fluffy bed to my bedside, and snug it tightly into a space where the noise was considerably modified. He climbed obediently into the bed. She was beside herself, where is Danny, why is he off the bed, he needs to be on the bed with “Me”! Our routine was upset and so was she. Maya could not sit still: on and off the bed, looking, sniffing him, pawing at the floor, and barking at him. I tried to get her to stop while she continued. It was going past 9pm and I have a neighbor upstairs. My anxiety level is climbing and so was my voice. After sharply yelling at her to “get up on the bed” she gave in and followed orders. Her ability to let it go was difficult, obviously! She was restless, she climbed on my belly and peered over to see if he was okay. This went on until I shut the light. Until I did, I attempted to explain to her what was going on with him, that he would come to bed when ready, and the explanation was like speaking to at least a five-year-old and ridiculous if overheard.

My point is the communication and behavior of animals and even humans and animals. Also, the many things busy pet owners miss when they are involved with so many other areas of life as usual (work, commitments, and recreational activities). When the pet is just there to be fed and walked or played with when they fit into a time slot, they/we overlook their nonverbal communications. Something as simple as Maya barking for water. She insists on sitting by the bowl until I realize what she is saying. I am well-trained though and mostly very responsive on command.

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