The terms and expressions of today have evolved into political correctness. Like “Woke” and “My Bad” annoy me. Many of the changes have deliberately generated confusion especially for the older generation (like me). How can the audience actually understand the conversations led by a moderator and digested and regurgitated by the panel who intend to sound so very knowledgeable? How many terms can you identify? Some examples

  • bandwidth – having time or space to fit something else into one’s workload
  • leverage – to utilize something that works in the company’s favor to create a competitive advantage
  • pivot – deciding to move away from an old strategy toward a new one that is very different
  • vertical – a particular line of business, such as products that target accountants or nurses
  • scale – having the ability to adjust the scope of something so that it will work for customers with different levels of need
  • takeaways – lessons that can be gleaned after looking at the results of an initiative
  • churn – this refers to losing customers; could also refer to high levels of employee turnover
  • empower – to give employees a say in how work should be done
  • stopgap – a temporary measure that will be put in place while attempts to identify a better solution continue
  • robust – something that is a powerful solution as opposed to having only minimal functionality
  • scalable – something that can be adapted to work in organizations of all sizes or with varying levels of need
  • tailwinds – capitalizing on the momentum that occurs when an idea or product first starts to catch on
  • transparent – making information available and readily accessible to team members who want to know

Lyrics of music that I love speak a message and the emotional component emphasized with musical accompaniment an example would be Climbing up on Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel or The Wall -Pink Floyd (the whole album) actually any of these or at least many of their generation music groups. Other intense music from Phil Collins and his absolutely emotional, In the air tonight or I don’t CARE ANYMORE!

My preferences are very broad and include Classical, Opera, Jazz, and a variety of New Age instrumental pieces like Ambient Music :Com or The sound of like Space Oddity David Bowie

~ by judylove64 on October 29, 2022.

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