Depression is an illness and like other illnesses should be understood by the family and friends of those who suffer.  One commercial says “depression hurts” not only the person who has it but also those around this person including pets (who cannot understand).  As one who has recently gone through an episode which left me wishing for death, I can attest to the pain and despair and sense of hopelessness one endures.  I was fortunate to have supports who (though annoyingly persistent) brought me to a point to face my demons and address them.  This friend coupled with prayer has moved me to a place where I want to be in the future.  I do not want to ever go back to the bottomless pit of anguish and misery.  Since I asked God for my life back I have been strengthened and motivated to step up and solve situations which were then overwhelming and seemed impossible to “fix’.

There are things one can do to regain a sense of control over their problems.  Making a list of these things puts a different light on them.  Lying in the dark not dealing with them gives them the power to destroy any chance of moving on and solving them.  If they are complicated and have a large umbrella of territory beneath I have found it necessary to break these down into smaller groups and tackle one at a time.  It is a method of “divide and conquer”.  Being open to brainstorm possibilities with others is a valuable tool too.  Making tentative plans i.e. plan “A”, “B” “C” etc. are also measures to offer hope to the hopeless.  The additional plans are backup if the first fails- it is like a safety net.  Another thing that is valuable is making a list of things you are grateful for like blessings and gifts given at birth like writing or art or other such things.

Medication and therapy are also necessary but in the end the work is done by the patient.  Self-help books can bring light to an otherwise dark and cloudy mind.  It is essential to be able to approach these with and open and honest mind seeking any and all information which can impact a recovery.  One must love one’s self during and after these practices are in place.

Geriatric patients are a group which has a high percent of depressed persons.  Many have not only a foreboding for the future but have also lost their sense of control over both physical and financial areas of their lives.  For the public, family and friends it is necessary to comprehend these things in order to be supportive.

~ by judylove64 on June 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Ddepression”

  1. Judy, so much of what you say is spot on. I’m not qualified to give advice, but I find that I have to “let go” of the world problems from time to time. I need to have fun. For me, it’s golf and being with friends. So many activities with friends are free or low cost. Walking in areas that please my senses is a favorite. For you, art may give you great pleasure. Incidentally, I used to dabble with paint and pencil. I found I did it when I was “down” and it lifted me up.

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