thoughts from writing my autobiography

Things that I remember are intertwined with my senses; every memory is associated with smells, tastes, visual, touch and hearing.  Literally every memory has one or often more than one of my senses involved.  Odors can evoke a mood or emotion or memory.  Pleasant odors put me at peace or are relaxing; colors are stimulating and can cause an insurgence of creative ideas: foods give me pleasure: touch of another or soft fuzzy things stimulate safety or are arousing; music can easily set my mood from joyful to spiritual to mournful.  Sounds can be also frightening and can convey the sense of impending doom i.e. thunder.  Bad odors can be very disturbing and tolerating them can eat away at me.

In my mind these things are intertwined together as a tightly woven tapestry.  I wonder if I am alone in this world of senses or do others also experience them as well?

~ by judylove64 on November 30, 2012.

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