Termination after less than two days on the job…

My recent experience with a very short stint working through an agency was not good.  I was assigned to a full time temp position giving influenza shots in a clinic through a Westchester County Medical Group.  I spent the first day learning about the computer system and that went well.  Then I met the clinic assistant Nurse Manager who seemed very unfriendly and rushed.  The second day I was assigned to an office or “pod” designated to seeing and treating internal medicine patients.  For five hours I was there giving shots (three to be exact), apologetically the staff said it was unusually slow.  After my assigned lunch break I returned to the clinic to work the remainder of the time.  I found the younger nurse to have had an abrupt to rude attitude toward my inquiries but dismissed it.  The following day I organized my “station” and went about giving injections to patients in an eagerly fashion as competently as I could.  I went above the average agency worker’s performance.  On My return trip home I was notified that my assignment was terminated without warning.  The reason for this was “I was not a good fit!”  I feel that in part this was an issue of age discrimination since my hair is gray and my appearance older.  In addition to this my educational history and educational degree of BSN may have been intimidating.    Regardless I am not satisfied with such an answer and feel that under other circumstances (race, sex, or others) this would be refuted.

~ by judylove64 on October 29, 2012.

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