Post op eye surgery :piece of cake!

I was not kidding about the surgery it was a big fat nothing but the after effects are just plain annoying.  I have had blurred vision until the dilating meds wore off and then blurred because my old glasses in that eye were stronger to accommodate the cataracts.  The eye drops are another confusing thing and I made my own calendar to insure the correct regime.  My 1 day checkup was great and I asked to schedule me for the next eye a.s.a.p.  I am now tentatively scheduled as a reserve for the 15th of August-cannot wait.  One thing however regarding the drops: the $42 bottle is about ¾ of an inch by ½ inch by ¼ inch.  That being said I lost it, cannot find it and had to buy another L  It will probably turn up after all is over.  I can drive (with caution since the glasses are making that eye blurry) and am seriously wondering how I will drive with two blurry eyes? I guess without glasses.  I do not know.  It takes a couple of weeks to be reevaluated for new prescription so it should be interesting.  One thing they told me is you may likely see different color in the post op eye-okay so I got up to the bathroom and looked at the white floor and saw yellow again ok.  Then something occurred to me  and I felt it – the dog urinated on the floor.  I think this whole thing has her very upset and confused.  Yesterday she did it again but I did not see it and bare footed I went sliding across the floor and flat on my back.  I am sure the new lens must think this is a fun new home.

~ by judylove64 on August 3, 2012.

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