Basics for establishing respect for myself: consider.the lilies of the field

It has occurred to me that in order to get respect I must demand it and in turn treat my own self with respect.  Doing so includes organizing clutter) which drives me crazy), providing the basic routine care and treatment –same as I would provide to any patient or other person I have reached out to: i.e. clothing, vision, hearing, nutrition etc.

Secondly, dealing with the external issues one by one in order of their importance with trust that I am being given the guidance for which I have prayed.

I must also “remember consider.the lilies of the field…if God provides for them how much more will He care for me”?

I am in the baby steps of revival and renewal and though unsteady must keep trying even though I may falter or fall.

~ by judylove64 on July 29, 2012.

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