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Good morning world! 

I am on my second cup of coffee and have not reallt started to think about what I am doing for the day-I called to make certain the malpractice insurance company got my fax regarding the settlement for NYS not against me.  They got it and are sending an email to the underwriters to expedite their decision.  I have other things in place like medical exam done complete with titers for measles etc.  I just need to go to Staffing agency and run thru their paperwork and reading requirements.  I am eager to get to work.  Being retired is a drag and I am bored to tears.  I need to be with people and give care to them (whether they want it or not).  That was just a little off handed humor.

I have walked the dog and checked my email, Facebook and dashboard and soon will be ready to dabble with paints.  I do not like getting frustrated with my abilities painting ex. A couple of days ago I started a painting of a night scene at the ocean humph.  Too dark and cannot get the colors right so I put aside and may go back to it at a later date –this sometimes makes a difference.

When I say “being retired is not for me” I wish to clarify this statement.  Since I was a very young girl of maybe 13 or so I have worked in the family business, then nursing.  I had my children (four in five years) and continued to work at first part time and then full time.  The only time I took off was when my youngest, Brian was two.  He was a hand full he learned early on how remove the rails from the crib; from then on he was into all sorts of mischief.  So sitting home and not feeling needed is just not for me.  Oh yes during the se early years I was very active in church doing all sorts of things some which required me to take home for spare time (humph).  I even did crafts like sewing, knitting and crocheting, and embroidery.  I do not know how I did it. 

That was then and this is now –I am running on empty.  I do not get much in the way of “at a boys” unless I bore people with my arts and crafts.  Some people must thing I am bizarre but if I do not show people and take pride in accomplishments how will I let others know of my talents?

~ by judylove64 on July 6, 2012.

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