Update: Housemate saga continued.

Update: my housemate has a replacement vehicle which runs and the old one has been sold and removed from the driveway.  I have regained my freedom and independence and so the celebration of July 4th Independence Day meant much more to me.  I actually do not have any other issues that are major (the refrigerator but not as urgent).  I do not care where he is or when he gets in – my car was the issue.  Now if I run out of gas it is because I did it and I do not have to ask when to expect it.  I thank you God for giving me the where withal to manage this problem in a respectful and civil manner.  I even think he has more respect for what I am doing and feeling.

The other issues of the jobs unfinished are a bother too but not my issue.  My friend Greta will be here with expectations to see the completed work in 11 days and I will be putting my head into the sand and burrowing into the cubby with Jess to avoid the fireworks.  Regardless of how much I tell myself about “not my problem” I still am feeling it is since I told her of some of the work he has done.  To the contrary my friends have adamantly said “not your  problem”.

~ by judylove64 on July 5, 2012.

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