Age and Wage Discrimination

After 45 years of nursing I decided  to retire, in 2007 the economy was pretty good and I was tired.  With in the next year I realized two things the reason I was tired was B12 deficiency which caused anemia and the economy was not all that great.  It took me a year to get my strength up and to also become more stable walking.  Now we are at 2009 and the economy is sliding.  I decided to send out my resume’.  I had many interviews and nibbles for nursing jobs after reading them.  Upon interview I found the same answers, we do not have anything at present ,we will keep your application on file (in the deadletter file) or good lick with your job search 🙂  (which means you won’t be working here)

I am sure of two things I have experienced Age and Wage Discrimination.  If I could prove it I would be quite rich,aye there is the “rub”.  Forty years of nursing with unlimited amounts  of continuing education including classes required for  my BSN in 2006 amount to a very high salary.  In 2005 my salary was 100,000 + and that was prior to My BSN.  I am now stuck with a $20,000 loan and no job offers in site.  It is 2012 now and the newest trend in some facilities is to “layoff nurses” only to turn around and offer either per diem or part time positions.  Can you see where this is going?  Neither of these positions get benefits or they have to buy them.  The 1% example has spread itself to Medical centers and other failing healthcare facilities.  It is also cheaper to hire a new grad with little or no experience but to the paitent is it safer?  You be the judge.  I went to the hospital 2008 and found a very sad situation unlike what I was taught.  We needed to care for and observe patients not take the word of a CNA who has charted it; maybe the nurse making medication rounds has not seen the latest vital information or is to concerned with the working of her bedside computer and other interruptions.  I was truly saddened not that the aides didn’t mostly provide great baths and changes but it was not the same thing.

~ by judylove64 on June 21, 2012.

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