Midterm Elections and serious consequences to everyone if the GOP succeeds…

I am so very upset to know the intentions of the GOP who plan to take over Congress (either house or senate or both). We can plan to have our constitutional rights stripped, voting, health decisions made by the state for now women only, gun control, marriage equality, Social Security and Medicare cuts for the elderly and more. I am absolutely certain the “Republican voter” who have the label burned into their brain is not open to facing the reality of the damage facing everyone.

It is not a playing field where the team who wins is the Leader; these politicians are playing for the highest payers (lobbyists and multimillion donors) and their own riches and power. The arena is currently based largely on liars and deniers, conspiracy theorists, and whack jobs who attack others. Domestic terrorists support these politicians based on the lies. They are largely “white supremacists” who also claim one religion (Christian) is the only one: racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslin, anti-everything that is not within their beliefs.

My frustration is “How to do my part to warn others?” I am one Small voice “crying in the wilderness!”

~ by judylove64 on October 19, 2022.

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