Senior Aging Changes Are Different

Speaking with my N/P Psychologist and stating my issues and concerns, I realize she is not in tune with the changes of the elderly. I believe her practice caters to the young adult and the generation of her own age.

Sadly, she only prescribes medication and has an appointment only to continue medications. Due to the pandemic, the office is working on phone visits or virtual visits. As a registered nurse myself, I am aware of my short comings. My overall health changes have seriously impacted my mental attitudes and yes I am more depressed over the past year. My vision in my right eye is so bad that I cannot see. As it turns out I have macular degeneration age related which began as dry and converted recently to wet. Simply put the former requires no treatment while the later means periodic injections of Avastin into the eye.

My hearing has required hearing aides and monthly payments for three years. My education has stopped due to my sight and my maximum financial aid. Other aging changes common to everyone includes arthritis and pain, isolating related to hearing difficulties, fear related to the pandemic, and fear of exposure to social events that include mass shooting and other terrorists (domestic and foreign). Financial limitations and political proposals to cut Social Security, Medicare, and for Veteran Benefits. Not to mention, the political approach to erode and change Democracy into Autocracy limiting the rights of the current Constitution.

Many also realize the reality of “Life’s expiration dates” that alone for some consumes a depressive condition. The fact that one of these issues has a huge impact on the senior’s mental condition, but combine all into one and “Yeah” it takes a gerontologist to understand. Comments of an unprepared professional who sums things up in a flippant remark(s) is insulting and ignorant, not to mention infuriating.

~ by judylove64 on August 5, 2022.

One Response to “Senior Aging Changes Are Different”

  1. Judy, your ability to think clearly remains! Aging is not easy for any of us. Who thought we would face all the ailments we do – considering the advances in the health area. And, who thought our country would be in the throes of facing threats to our democratic ways. During the pandemic I had to find a new doctor. One was recommended by a PA and I liked him immediately. He has been responsive to all my questions,… However, I had an appointment the other day (annual, I wouldn’t call it an exam) and my biggest concern is deciding what to do about osteoporosis. He was frustrated at my indecision, but decided to refer me to an endocrinologist. He did say that he’s only a primary care physician. Amazing! Going from doctor to doctor is not my idea of having fun. As you mentioned, understanding the end of life is not that far away is depressing. All we can do is try to find joy in every day things. You have your fur babies. You might consider art again. Your art work steadily improved and your creativity was wonderful. I’m so sorry to hear about your wet macular degeneration. I know a few people who are in the same boat. Take care. See you at reunion.

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