The world we are living in has sadly changed.

Over the past six or so years I have become more aware of the political arena. In my estimation this world has become more chaotic and self-serving. We are currently a Democratic party government having the majority. The up coming election may change the balance. How, you ask? By casting your informed vote. The basis for your informed status evolves from the campaigning and the promises and lies to get elected. Rarely do the elected actually focus on those same goals stated in pre-election speeches.

Many become infected with a condition of self-importance, they assume the “power” of their position and become subject to temptations like accepting lobbying money which will “buy” their vote. The last concern quickly becomes the voter who believed the promises of campaigning. Over time trading votes for favors negatively affects the voters too. Self-serving, lining one’s pocket, and self-importance promote the inward belief that the official is above the law. To validate this fact one can simply research the data seeking the politicians who abused their power and were caught by the law enforcement agencies.

In this past year, the states like Georgia, Texas, and Mississippi have sought to ban abortion, decrease voting options like mail-in ballots, closing polling places making it more difficult to get to the polls within the time allowed. These are two examples of living in a time machine moving back years taking voter rights and human rights away. However, the topic of Gun Control and safety is moving forward. Mass shooting with military rifles and massive sleeves of bullets can be purchased to anyone at any age as long as they can pay. Certainly the cries of gun owners regarding their rights to own guns, is true. But unless hunting a herd of elephants or charging rhinos, a rifle or hand gun is sufficient. The only military type rifles should be used in the Armed services not on the streets of America. This week the NRA will meet with politicians to reinforce the necessity of gun rights. Those politicians who will vote to promote the sales of AR 15 style guns, should be made to see first hand the deaths of the nineteen third and fourth graders butchered this week by a eighteen-year-old, in a school room. For each and every mass shooting these supporters of gun rights should be flown to the scene and among the first responders until they have a change of heart.

Politicians who work to thwart the rights of people should be voted out, they should be held accountable, they should, be called out and get the publicity they deserve. Politics is like a game being played against another team and the object is to win at all cost. The voters be damned.

~ by judylove64 on May 26, 2022.

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