Reflections from the last post…

Reading back I can see imperfections and room for improvements. To upgrade I now have a Masters in Nursing Education MSN and have gotten half way through the BS in psychology/addiction. I am tired now and taking a break. This past semester has drained me. My first thought was carrying two courses not a good plan. My second thought is age, third health. What ever it is, the lack of motivation is overwhelming. After ten days of “freedom”, I am bored (go figure). Boredom is not a good place for me. Freedom to think and question without feedback is like living in a vacuum, pointless.

My kids keep me on track as much as they can. Money is a big issue. They need grooming badly. The last time they slipped their harnesses (yes both at different times thank GOD). These are “escape proof” NO they are not unless my kids have been taking Houdini classes.

My “ex” is begging to use my car again and I fear I will allow it. In Jan. he had it for five or more weeks looking for a replacement car (his was totaled when hit by an eighteen wheeler without personal injury). Last week he had it for a week while his replacement vehicle was in the shop. I had to insist I have it back. Now he is requesting again since the rental car is $400 for five days. Last night I prayed for a tree branch to fall on it so he could not have it. What a wuss!

~ by judylove64 on May 17, 2022.

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