early memories

I have in fact a very good memory and I am sure some will think it untrue.  I remember the pediatrician’s office on Hooker Ave- His name was Dr. Stone.  I can recall sitting on his examining table with my big toe in my mouth probably about 2 years old- I could describe his waiting room too.  It was in the basement of his home.  I can recall the trials of potty training and the potty chambers or ceramic pots used for nighttime or when in need and someone else occupied the other throne (these were not especially memories through my senses).  Later on I went to Dr. Jacobus on South Hamilton.  He made “house calls” and I saw him frequently as I was prone to tonsillitis and ran high fevers.

My grandfather worked in Brooklyn shipyards doing mechanical designs for ships I believe.  Each morning he would get up while it was still dark and quietly call me to come out to eat with him (Kelty’s sugar buns) and chat with him while he ate and  got ready for the taxi to come for him probably around 430 am or so.  I would go back to bed and he to work.  I would wait at the end of the day for him to come home and I would sit with him while he ate his dinner (the family ate at the usual time and he ate about 730 or 8 pm.  He was my best pal and it was mutual.  When he finally stopped commuting, after the war ended he built the Floral shop as it was called and started the business up – probably about 1949.  The shop later became Lovelace Florist (a more dignified name) and it was a family run business.  One thing I recall as a landmark of sorts was the neon clock in the window facing North Clinton St.  It was pink and Green and I still wonder what became of it after the fire?

~ by judylove64 on July 4, 2013.

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