We hav come a lng way in 60 years

One of the things we did before TV was radio (of course).  I used to listen to the Lone Ranger, The Thin Man, The Fat Man, Amos and Andy, The greatest Story ever told and Don McNeal’s Breakfast Hour.  I guess at about four or five it did a lot to stimulate my imagination.  I would close my eyes if something scary came on (like I could see it).  My mother and grandmother would get me to “March around the breakfast table” – I guess it kept me out of the way when they were busy doing laundry or ironing.  My Grandmother was a much regimented individual and each day of the week had it assigned tasks.  Wash day she would start a load with whites, then colors and finally dark dirty clothes (used the same water) as the clothes waited for rinsing they were placed into one of two deep set tubs (kitchen sink, bathtub for children and for Thanksgiving turkey too).  The wringer was attached to the top of the washer and once rung out hung outside to dry on the clothes line.  The smell of air dried clothes compared in no way to today’s dryer’s smell.  Our first TV was bought by my aunt and uncle and was about four or five inches.  I remember the Friday night wrestling show black and white little men going at it.  Not much else on the TV then.

Later the TV stations started to offer more programs like Winky Dink and You, I love Lucy, cowboy programs, Mr. Rogers, Howdy Doody and Clarabelle, I remember Mama, comedy show with Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Jimmy Durante, George and Gracie Allen, William Benedict, The Nelson’s and others.  Movies with stars like Bella Lugosi, the werewolf, vampire, and Frankenstein which scared the daylight out of me then on to Twilight Zone, and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Theater.  I also remember fondly the Loretta Young Show and Queen for a Day.  Many, many more than I can’t recall just now.

So May changes in the life span of 60 years most making less work for house wives and their husbands like lawnmowers rather than push mowers and weed whackers and leaf blowers.  Now we have more idle or free time to spend doing things never dreamed of then.  Like emailing friends or sending pictures over the phone or actually viewing the caller on Skype or other devices capable of video transmission.

~ by judylove64 on July 3, 2013.

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