days gone by

Searching my memory banks I am fascinated by the number of men who delivered to the house (and one woman). Here are what ones I can recall:

  • Milkman
  • Acker’s meat delivery man
  • Laundry man
  • Coal delivery men
  • Insurance man
  • Mail man (Jim Ingraham)
  • Rag man (who did not deliver but went through the streets calling “Rags”
  • Avon Lady Mrs. Fogarty
  • Krug’s bakery
  • Iceman (very early on)

Who would have guessed then that ATM machines would supply us without going to the bank or milk machines could supply and replace the milkman; plastic could replace real cash; phones would have visual pictures of the caller or caller ID if a call missed; computers would replace for the most part typewriters or word processors; voicemail or automated messages accompanied with multiple choices would replace the operator.  So many changes.  Washers and dryers that replaced the old washer with ringer and the clothes line that made the clothes smell fresh and extra clean. Store bought butter or margarine would replace the war rations of a plastic bag of white margarine with a red dot in the middle- it had to be kneaded to get the color to make it all yellow.  I have many memories of sounds, smells, visual pictures, tastes and feelings (touch) from that period and others.  Everyone transporting me back mentally to a happier place when experiencing these sensory things now.

~ by judylove64 on June 30, 2013.

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