Dear MR or MS Politician:


               You are in office to both protect and defend our constitution.  You took an oath of office to serve and to fulfill the duties of office.  We the voters believed you promises during your campaign but it now seems many of you are serving the 1% who paid for your office.  The constitution was to guarantee our rights and should be the grounds for which you make laws and decisions which will impact the future for generations to come.  You have some of the best retirement and benefit packages far above any of us.  You have served to “feather your own nests” and not to assure this country for which you represent a continuance of our constitutional rights.

  1. Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is not widely accepted and the voters should have a say in this move.  If you took a poll or a vote you would clearly see we oppose it.
  2. Secret meetings for trade contracts and terms of these contracts imply these are also not something that we the voters will approve of or it would be conducted in the public’s view.
  3. What ever happened to the “checks and balances” built into the government to protect and obstruct any one branch more power than the rest.  The media were the silent 4th check and now they are controlled by big corporations’ who are also bought by the 1%.
  4.  You seek to withdraw money from social security and Medicare but “bail out big businesses who have managed to run their businesses into debt.”  We who are receiving these have both paid for them during our years of working and are paying monthly for the Medicare.  It is not an entitlement nor a freebie it is ours and we trusted that it would be protected by our President and Congress and Senate.  Now it seems those of you who propose this are attacking those who need to be protected and who are targets for these politicians grasping at straws.
  5. Recently there was legislation proposed and put before the Tea Party which was identified as “unconstitutional”.  How is this possible?
  6. Mr. Cheney has referred to the “whistleblower” as a traitor but in fact he has been guilty of much more.  He has made millions of dollars serving Halliburton during the Bush administration.  In fact if the truth were told so have many of the current players including the Bush Family.  It is a matter of record which can be found on the internet.


I want to go no record asking for answers; you get salary increases and do not fulfill your official duties but thwart any real progress in dealing with debt solutions.  Is it your mission to eliminate the Middle Class totally leaving poor and rich?  How do you sleep at night knowing you have sold out to the highest bidder and turned your back on the ones who voted you into office?


Respectfully a voter and American

~ by judylove64 on June 22, 2013.


  1. Have you sent this to your Senators and representative?

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