Is Democracy no longer the order of the day?

Over the past years of my lifetime there have been many changes in this country; many wars, increased homeless and jobless, increased poverty and many who depend on their Social Security for food and a safe place to live.  Now the worst thing following “outsourcing work to other countries for increased profits to already huge companies” is the prospect of amnesty for Illegal aliens.  This should put the icing on the proverbial cake.  They will take what jobs away from the US worker and undercut their wages, working for less.  Many false promises were made in the last election that are no longer remembered –promises or lies to achieve office!  The elected officials have “feathered their own nests” by big salaries and raises, cushy healthcare benefits and free student loans for their families who go to college.  These men and women are the ones who can best afford to pay but they are the ones to get these perks.  The politicians now have placed on the table increasing interest rates for student loans for all others.  If they succeed it will make the average person less likely to get an education.  This and many more attacks on the middle and low income families are being proposed assuring there will eventually be only two classes the rich and the poor.  The governmental officials are making decisions in secret about more things which will destroy our democracy.  We must stand up and demand answers for their actions and also wonder if it is beneficial why must secrecy be a key player in their games?  Possibly WE the people would protest and veto their plans.  George Orwell predicted these actions in his book 1984.  He for saw these things years ago and should have called the book 2013.

For me is sickening to think that I was so gullible to believe and not question or demand accountability for these blatant actions.  My only hope is that it is not too late to regain our country’s future excluding liars and corrupt politicians whose only concern is their own future and that of their families.  It is certainly not for the voters who allowed them to be where they are.

~ by judylove64 on June 21, 2013.

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