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In the past four months I have downsized from a three bedroom house to a one bedroom apt.  On the surface it not only seemed like a great task in a short amount of time but while trying to absorb the cost of moving and catching my bills up it was also overwhelming,  and I went into a significant period of depression.  With nudging from a friend the depression has lifted and for that reason I wrote Facebook the following hoping that it could also help others understand more about depression:

Over the past several months my depression has deepened to the point of hopelessness.  The icing “on the cake being unable to volunteer or leave my home without my dog- due to her barking which disturbed the lady next door.  I finally felt like a prisoner in my new home. The evidence of my depression affected in personal care, environmental care and chores and financial avoidance(s).  However after prayer and coercing from my friend (Barbara) I am now in a different place.  My personal care has improved, as has my confrontation of household chores and facing issues like tax filing for 2012, car registration and NYS Inspection.  I have come to make plans to address my debts in several ways and I now beginning to feel empowered rather than victimized (thru my lack of actions).  I mention this only as a way for others to comprehend the devastation depression can have on a life.  To those outside it seems very simple “just get a grip or get over it” but when faced with perceived unsurmountable situations it is like trying to climb out of quicksand – the more one struggles the deeper it pulls you down.  In my case all I wanted to do was to sleep and avoid it all only making things worse.  Finally I asked God for my life back and He has been instrumental in showing me ways to regain myself again.  Each night I ask Him for more direction and whether in my sleep or in my daily thoughts revelations do come- I now am eager to get up each morning to seek ways to confront my demons and find way to meet my challenges.

~ by judylove64 on June 15, 2013.

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