Coming out of depression

In the past week I have made some significant progress within myself. The environment is also one of change. My world is now one of classical music with little or no TV. My friend and I are forming a symbiotic bond we are leaning on each other’s strengths and are gradually healing from our former trauma while similar still individually different. Issues of trust have been violated and vows breached. The end result is deep wounds while on the surface healed still fester below. It is imperative to reopen these wounds to let the poison out and healing from within can then begin. This process is much like a physical infection but without the signs of infection such as fever, redness, and swelling. There is however the pain but without seeing concrete physical warning signs it is harder to understand.
My personal understanding is that I must keep busy and do things which I enjoy like painting (which has been dormant for weeks now). Writing and cooking are another area which is a creative outlet for me. I have also joined the local library and am again reading. The book is a self-help book which is helping me to gain insight into how to right my wrongs and gives me hope that depression is something that can be overcome on several levels one of which is chemical but more importantly it is upon the other levels that the changes will generate from. It is necessary to remap one’s thinking and move in a new direction. Going back is not a positive thing for the past has much baggage and memories which can and probably will stand in the way of progress. I am for the first time in a much better mental place and have found that the future holds excitement and hope.

~ by judylove64 on December 3, 2012.

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