Moving on with friendship.

I am starting work tomorrow-3 &1/2 days the first week and full time for 6-8 weeks until flu season wanes. The only unhappy thing is the hour commute but the additional money will compensate for the inconvenience.
My friend is passing the two week mark and is seemingly fitting into a more comfortable place. The relationship is plutonic and is challenging since he is very bright and well read. He has a PhD as well as Master’s in African History. We sit after dinner and chat about the “good old days” in Poughkeepsie NY. It is refreshing and stimulating to have discussions as well as mind expanding. He has built a bird feeder and hung it outside the sliding glass door. His knowledge of birds is incredible too.
Having him here while I work will help to keep the dog company thru the day-this was one of my big concerns about working. The whole event leading from his coming here up to work is a puzzle picture in the works- each piece fits in place perfectly even the events prior to the move were necessary pieces whereby the eventual move would work. It has to be a divinely planned thing, of that I have no doubt. If I calculate this blessing of finances will enable me to not only improve my credit picture but also provide money for Christmas and some work around the house.
Thank you God!

~ by judylove64 on October 21, 2012.

One Response to “Moving on with friendship.”

  1. Sounds as though life is working for you!

    Are you giving flu shots in a clinic? Jeff and I are debating whether or not to wait for a little while before getting ours.

    Hoping things continue to be well for you.

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