Changes in my life again…

A childhood friend (of many years) has come to live here in my house or at least visit. Sixty years have come and gone and now he is back in my life. He is sweet and childlike and though he claims to be an introvert is not with me. It is not a romantic situation (yet) though I could easily go there. His marriage of 23 years has fallen apart and he has been hurt deeply. He and I have much in common with regard to our past experiences and our purpose in life is also the same. That purpose is to give and help people in our lives and to expect little. My hope is that we can strengthen each other. I am so certain that God has had a hand in this life change. Not that He planned or coordinated these things to happen in our lives but that the events leading up to reuniting old friends. In my case I became divorced in March and my housemate left within the past few weeks. I Gary’s, he came back to the “states” and went to live with a friend in Vermont who turned on him and threw him out without warning. We had been emailing each other while he was in Japan over the past year and he told me he wanted to return to the city of his birth, Poughkeepsie New York before he dies. He has been a world traveler and is very smart. He is a writer, teacher of English, whose has as he puts it seen much especially in Vietnam. In him, I can see the childhood boy that I knew sixty years ago. We both have inner children who have been let down by others whom we have trusted and loved. The living arrangements should be interesting since I am currently an Oscar Madison and he is a Felix Unger. I thought my housemate was a “clean freak” but now I can see there is someone who has claimed the title. I am hoping that some of his cleaning will rub off on me and some of my fears is that he will be disgusted and run off screaming in the night.
God has a plan and if it will be he will provide the tools of tolerance and patience, tenderness and kindness, and a deep love of friendship if not romance. My ability to nurture and care can be a healing point for him. He too has the ability to heal my wounds and allow me to be fruitful and grow.

~ by judylove64 on October 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “Changes in my life again…”

  1. Judy, I hope this starts a wonderful healing process for you both. If you enjoy reading, get Blessed are the Cheesemakers by Sarah-Kate Lynch. I just finished it last night. There are elements of your story and its that mesh.

    I’m looking forward to following your story.

    • Thank you Margot, for your kind words – you are one of a few who have shed encouragement upon my situation and it is truly uplifting

      • I just had coffee with an acquaintance (almost friend) who is going to leave her husband of 20 years. It’s the right thing to do and I encouraged her. I see no reason to discourage anyone who wants to be happy. New relationships are good. The only advice is to be cautious. My best friend here left her husband for an old friend from high school. It was not the best decision to marry him, although it did break up a “not so good” marriage. It turned out to be the best thing for her ex-husband!

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