Articles in the Law of Attraction have generated a new beleif in changing my directions.

I just read two more articles in the Law of Attraction Magazine on healing through the process of Reconnection it is an interesting concept and I am going to research it locally.  I have been depressed for years and in spite of medication have not been free from it.  I have a sense of real “guilt” but for what I do not know.  Sometimes I even think I feel guilty about the weather (LOL).  As ridiculous as that sounds I do experience so much guilt I guess that I am always trying to over compensate by helping others to my own detriment.  These articles are truly speaking to me in volumes.  I have become very interested in quantum physics and the Law of Attraction.  Of course there are some things I am a bit leery of like parallel universes and the concept of time travel (while I would love to be able to go back in time) are difficult to comprehend.  Many however do have very high IQs and are accepting and believing of these concepts through experiments.  Supposedly the scientists are building a time machine now; (If that is true I would gladly volunteer).  This publication has stimulated my interests and am trying to apply the concepts discussed to my own life and circumstances.  In this past month I made cognitive decisions to abort a promise to myself knowing I would not be satisfied with my choice and still I went forward thinking “I am bored”.  That excuse was not effective because I remained bored and now had more guilt to deal with for disappointing God and myself.

~ by judylove64 on August 18, 2012.

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