Reflections for the day

Up early getting “coffee’d” up for my cataract (left eye) this am hoping thunderstorms don’t make the doctor nervous.  I am ready my poor brain wants to be able to see with two eyes and get the same message rather than trying to accept two conflicting reports from the “viewfinders”. 

Lately I have not slept well –worrying about the storms and we have had a few and the dog she has had a few too many.  Tried to read last night but it was a struggle.  This week should be interesting with eye drops L and R different.  I actually have to ask myself if this is for the Right or the Left eye before using them after this week they get easier since both are twice a day.  I had a bottle of art dye which looked like the eye drop bottle –a disaster waiting to happen.  I had to quickly put it in the drawer with other arts and crafts.

I went on to Facebook this am and see two criticizing Obama-now this pissed me off (one my uncle)- they were saying that Obama was in Hollywood raising funds- have they not seen the obscene funding from the billionaires that good old Mitt has gotten?  Do they really think this is about fund raising?  Are we being torn against each other over such ridiculous issues rather than standing united and expecting answers for why we are not having jobs and healthcare etc.?  This smacks of a “house divided…”  Too early for this ‘crap” anyway!

~ by judylove64 on August 15, 2012.

One Response to “Reflections for the day”

  1. Hope this surgery goes as well as the last one – I’m sure it will. The eye drop situation made me smile. Keep that art dye bottle away!!

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