Got “Soma” (A brave New World”) -is the GOP smoking Dope?

I am looking at, reading and watching the GOP issues and really think someone should check their urine for drugs.  They (all of the politicians) have become drunk with power, greed and delusions’ of their own individual power if elected.  Of course they will present their ideas to congress and the house but if others do not agree these ideas will die in midair.  They will of course be obliged to present ideas which benefit their supporters and these ideas will have first choice over any that benefit the American people who elected them.  For me those who boast of raising money to exceed the opposing candidate(s) is both obscene and trivial in view of the issues facing the country as a whole.  It is demonstrating the power of money over the credibility of the person running for office.  As we all know advertisements and commercials can be convincing and misleading since they tell you (and me) just what we wish to hear and lie about the rest.  While there are some truths there are more misleading facts and dodging of the truth.  The percent of politicians in government are largely lawyers and they have the edge on twisting the truth until even they do not know what is real.  It would be nice if some candidate stepped in to the running without all of the false promises and debts to supporters.  It would be nice but unrealistic since they would be drummed out by those with money.

I still maintain that a cap be put on campaigning and any money over that cap should be matched dollar for dollar to be put toward more important issues like homeless, healthcare and feeding the underprivileged in this country (before sending to outside countries.  It could also be used as a stimulus for small businesses or larger ones who are hiring local or in this country making goods in the USA.

As for Roseanne Barr running for president –I find the thought as offensive as her rendition of a dinging of “the star spangled banner” on prime time.  Oh sure she is a comedian and that is what they do; they present material that is sacrosanct and offensive in the name of humor.  Humor is a vehicle for saying things really felt and with a twist of laughter to sugar coat the information that they present.  Lewis Black and George Carlon (spelling) are examples of what I am saying.  They speak what they perceived to be the truth and get laughter in return.

~ by judylove64 on August 9, 2012.

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