A New Direction…

My “Life” has taken a new direction and I can actually feel it.  A month ago I was feeling depressed and could see only sadness and gloom but suddenly it has changed, maybe a change from prayer but not that only.  I have engaged in taking care of ME and now things are changing in a very real way.  I have joined the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center and am having art work shown stating Friday of this week.  I will go and represent myself to people I do not know and have invited several of my church members and friends to also attend.  Just showing my paintings is a very big step in self-recognition and belief in my talent s that God has given me.  I figure if people like “cave drawings” how can I go wrong?  A joke but not particularly funny I realize.  Seriously I have had one of my cataracts replaced and the second scheduled for Wed coming and that is one big step and another is that yesterday I contacted a debt consolidation company to assist me in getting my credit report on a upswing rather than leaving it where it is.  I have become more responsible in my attempts to correct my life within this past month or so.  It is the first that I am answering the question: “how are you”? by saying “Great”!  My one friend was completely taken back when I replied with this answer.  She said, “Really? That is wonderful!”

I must remember to thank God for all he has done to bring me to this place of mental change.

~ by judylove64 on August 9, 2012.

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