respect and standing firm in my own life

I have dealt with my daughter and did actually tell her about the situation (which she cannot understand about my choices to stay in NY).  I spoke to her about my feelings when she left me to go away without consideration for my feelings- a situation in reverse but on the same plane.  She has since let this subject alone.  I am glad I took the input given to me from Anne Marie on FB.  She was right it was better however I did this after a couple of glasses of wine.  I am such a coward.  Now I am contemplating how to approach my sons.  I am definitely in a space where I feel healing is necessary.  In church during the healing service there is a phrase that inspires me god keeps trying to reach us “like a mother who waits for her children to return back to her.

I am listening to ambient music it is soothing and easily promotes meditating.  I am a being who lives thru my senses.  The beauty of this world is visible in every aspect of the course of a day.  Last night for example I was busy doing whatever on the computer and almost missed the most beautiful sunset.  The sound of the night creatures or the locust or birds is all inspiring.  The feel of breezes or sun light on your skin.  The smell of leaves decaying into the earth or fresh cut grass is another sense to be roused.

~ by judylove64 on August 7, 2012.

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