Art Exhibition Friday


I am excited to be a part of the art exhibit and have submitted six framed paintings for review which will be shown that night and for the following month. I have also joined the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center shich is where these are hanging. It is something new and different for me to be involved in and unlike me t o engage in this type of activity. It is a “good thing” (Martha). It is a step in self-recognition which is also something new for me. My work is usually very colorful and usually based around flowers which are a throw back from the flower shop my family owned and operated. My grandfather was always encouraging me to “create” thru painting or drawing. I remember a gift he once brought to me when I was about seven. It was a wooden box with oil paints however working with oil at that age was not something I was good at and the cleanup with turpentine was not something I was allowed to do either.

~ by judylove64 on August 7, 2012.

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