number 100 post-wow!

I am really proud of what I have accomplished this past week –it a week like no other.  I not only painted the room but cleaned the sofa and love seat arms and backs and washed the cushion covers too these two pieces of furniture look great.  I had gotten a product from QVC (yes they got to me).  It was really wonderful to see the two looking as though no children or pets or klutzy people (like me) spilled things on it.  Dirt and soiled spots came off- on some it took more elbow grease than others but it is a job I am proud to say cost $20 as opposed to whatever the going rate is for a professional to come in and do it for me.  About three years ago I had some fly by night come in and they used water not steam and it took days for the pieces to dry.  It did not even look as good as this either.

Today I took some more of my paintings to the gallery for the exhibition Friday night 5-8 pm- wine and cheese is you please (they kicked it up a notch- like Emeril).  I am excited and pleased with the pieces I have submitted.  I have however a flower fixation I guess it is from having worked in the florist family business.  I also have a tendency for lots of color and a piece or two has a Van Gogh style.  My ear has been starting to bother me- only joking.

When I went for eye operation I asked the anesthesiologist about propophol the Michael Jackson drug of choice, he told me they used it but not in this type of condition.  I asked him if I would have to “moon walk” to get it.  He chuckled and gave me versaid-a valium second cousin.  Well the next eye is eagerly waiting- my vision is so weird right now –with glasses my right eye is blurry without not-clear as day but without my left eye is blurry and with glasses not.  I really cannot wait to get both eyes on the same playing field.  My brain is really being challenged right now.

~ by judylove64 on August 6, 2012.

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