Home coming


Should be an interesting day since the Housemate from hell is returning- Interesting how my opinion of him has changed in the past two weeks. I know I busted my “butt” doing my very best to get things in order which is harder than he has at least at this address- I am sure he works harder for others who represent higher salaries.

Going to church today and plan to basically take it easy for this day -I may paint (pictures) and watch a movie hopefully a love story or comedy or even better yet a really good mystery or two. Did you ever see the movie the “Game” that one threw me I did not know what was going on until the end.

Happy birthday to the (old) love of my life Michael-he is 61 today if in fact he is still alive. He is the one I left so he could get on with his life-I could see t he hand writing on the wall and it would have ended anyway and perhaps on a sadder note. Funny how relationships are: you meet, become blinded by “love” and in the beginning all is wonderful until the proverbial “honeymoon” is over. I was the funniest and sexiest at first but at the end I had a strange sense of humor according to him. I did not change just his perception of who I was. One example of my humor: I put a live lobster in his mail box positioned on a bag of ice with a card that read Happy Birthday-“eat me”. I laughed all of the way home. This was after I moved out. I was hoping to engage his feelings again but as they say “let it go if it was truly yours it will return to you” the addendum that is not in that original quote goes “if it doesn’t then shoot it down”!

~ by judylove64 on August 5, 2012.

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