Look at what has been done in just five days-by me (with a little help from a handy man)

I am absolutely amazed at the amount of work I have accomplished this week!  I set out to paint my bedroom and have accomplished that and much more.  This morning I got up at 530 had coffee and painted a small ugly little stand which was a mustard color and very worn.  It is now a lovely dark chocolate brown and will match my other stand which holds the TV.  I also sprayed the two gold colored worn and rusted lamps one a floor and the other a table lamp.  They are now a lovely shade of bronze.  After smelling the fumes from the rustoleum on the baseboard overnight I decided to op for outdoors.  The fumes themselves are tolerable but the pilot light on the furnace was burning off the fumes causing me a headache.  It brought back memories of childhood when my grandmother would varnish the floors each autumn.  We had a gas cooking stove and the same obnoxious odor was carried throughout the house- but the compensation was the apple pie which she also cooked while waiting for the floor to dry.:) My Housemate is certain to be shocked when he arrives home Sunday to see what has been accomplished by me in less time than he has for his efforts.  To think he is being paid –my friend does not seem to think he should be docked for the work I did nor does she seem to think that I should take the cost off my rent.  I will be seriously pissed if he gets the original figure for all of the work.  I would paint the living room baseboard if he wants but not until fall when I can open all of the windows to air it smell out.  My baseboard looks like new and it is beautiful (if I do say so myself).  Well at 68 I am not a crippled yet in fact the more I do the more I am motivated to do.  I took the sofa and loveseat cushion covers off and washed them with the stain remover from QVC which seems to work great without washing (on the arms of the furniture)..  Today I am having my blinds hung and the work is done except for the floor.  Alleluia!  All of this in five days do you believe it- I am one determined mama jama-right?

~ by judylove64 on August 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “Look at what has been done in just five days-by me (with a little help from a handy man)”

  1. Right!

    Is your friend (the one who doesn’t think the guy should be docked or your rent reduced) also the owner of the house? If so, I wonder how good a friend she is.

    • Really or how good of a business woman she is- I asked her if she had some choices in laminate or color she said she actually did not care as long as it would sell her house-new bulletin: people do look at the eye appeal and I am here to say th job I did is better than his- I have noticed streaks in the trim /brush strokes and not paint, the paint chips and is I assume a lelssser quality- everything about the work I have seen says I got it on sale or clearance for example the house is a pale yellow with brown trim and the deck is light gray-yuck. I may be a snob but I put a lot of thought in what I did and it looks like it and I did not spend a lot of money either. Oh well such are the “perils of Pauline” as they say. I am happy for the first time in a long time and I love my bedroom it is warm and inviting not that I’ll be inviting anyone.

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