Today I will be busy doing…

Today I am planning to touch up the window trim since the kid I hired did a so-so job.  I have to also climb the ladder and touch up the areas where the roller left little sponge like surfaces unpainted.  The blinds have to be reattached and again the “dreaded ladder”.  Man my dearie air is feeling like I have been to the gym.  I think I am also going to make an apt for the Aspen Dental to schedule the dental work I need and have been side stepping for too long.  All of this adds up to taking care of ME.  This work is long overdue and all a part of respecting me.

  The only thing left to do with regard to my living space is to paint and remove the carpet in the ante room between the closet and bathroom.  That is not as bothersome to me as the living and sleeping quarters.  When my housemate comes back he can lay the laminate and the room is complete.  It is fresh and bright and welcoming and no longer feels like a room for punishment when I am in there.  I would like to do a few other things too like bifold doors for the area previously mentioned to keep the closet and other confined-it will make the room look move complete and definitely more dramatic.  I would like to do that side of the room with white barn wood paneling at least half way up and shelving on the upper half.  Got to say this has actually made me very happy an emotion missing for too long.  I just chatter like a magpie incessantly like a child.  It feels like Christmas and my inner child is really wired. 

Well got to get my motor running lots of plans and need to do while the energy flow is still up to “full” on the scale (like reading the car gas tank).

~ by judylove64 on August 3, 2012.

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