I cannot wait…

I have been so very busy doing things to both prepare for surgical procedure and to finish my bedroom (which is also something I have designated as a pre surgery deadline).  Today I advertised for someone to remove my old carpet and padding and haul away- I had a variety of offers the highest $250 to $40-hymph let’s see which one did I chose. 🙂 The lowest which happened to be a carpet specialist on leave from the service- I could not pay him $40 but the work he did included dismantling my waterbed head board –heavy!  I did pay him $100 and he is returning to touch up the spots I missed  yesterday and do the trim too- very nice young man with a young family.  It is so wonderful to have this work done and when “His Nibs” returns all he will need to do is lay laminate flooring.  I am sure he will be shocked to see the work done- as I said before I am Scorpio and I happen to be slow to anger but when I have had enough then I do not play!  I have been more than patient and I hope this work sends him a very strong message “Homey don’t play that!”.  I am so ready to get to the outpatient facility (730am) and get medication for a restful sleep- I do not care what they do.

~ by judylove64 on July 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “I cannot wait…”

  1. Hope your surgery goes well (or went well, if you don’t see this before).

    • Margot – It was a surprisingly wonderful experience totally witihout pain! Now I can see better without my glasses in right eye but not in left so I guess I have to have lens removed for right.

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