Good Morning World

I am one day and counting until I will be able to have improved vision.  I am anticipating this with excitement and reserve (fear).  In preparation I knew that the heavy things I wanted to accomplish this week (while my housemate is on vacation) had to be completed prior to surgery.  That being said my first goal was to paint my OWN bedroom instead of waiting for him to get around to it.  Yesterday I calculated and bought 1 gal of paint the kind that is all in one.  One coat would be about all I can muster at 68 and physically challenged.  I started by moving all of the heavy furniture away from the walls and dusting them down (spiders beware)!  Then I investigated what and where I could get the paint I desired and thank God it was at Lowe’s about one-two miles away.  I went with paint info in hand and as hard as it was chose a color, bought paint and tools and returned home.  Then, I patiently did the “cutting in” for the entire room.  Once that was done it was time to roll away the faded gray/blue color.  In all it took me about 3 hours to paint and clean up but even though not the best (a little sloppy) job in the world the bulk of the painting is done.  WOW I now have a semi-gloss salmon colored bedroom which when the afternoon sun shines thru is a warm glowing and welcoming color –exactly what I wanted.  I was not sure I had chosen the color best for me until it was done and then I knew it was.  Now I was pooped but feeling great at my autonomy.  I fully expected to be as if turned to stone today but not at all true, just a twinge here and a minor one at that.  It is not a perfect job and it still needs a touch ups or two like where the ceiling got a touch of salmon or two.  The carpet is going so that was not a concern and the trim is a less strenuous task with no deadlines.  I also bought a roll of the painting tape to protect the areas where trim will be painted to protect the beautiful color.  Money permitting I would like to replace the flooring also before he returns-just because!

It is part of my “respect yourself move” and I am certainly more confident with each accomplishment and as before more empowered too.

~ by judylove64 on July 31, 2012.

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  1. Wonderful!

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