Stopping the profits from outsourcing.

Do you think that the population of the US would be more inclined to by American if information of such products were more widely known?  Perhaps we need those in “the know” to prepare lists on both sides of the subject to make marketing easier.  The mom who has a number of children or one on a time budget will not have the concentration to stop and read each and every product while shopping but if a list is available she could make her lists out ahead of time.  It is for certain that if a boycott on Wal-Mart were to take place the loss in profits should speak loudly but the problem is to make people aware that they are the contributing force behind outsourcing.


~ by judylove64 on July 30, 2012.

One Response to “Stopping the profits from outsourcing.”

  1. Unfortunately, many people purchase based on retail cost, not the politics of where something is manufactured. I won’t go to WalMart, but some of my friends drive 20+ miles to go there because their prices are less than the businesses where we live. There is a wonderful little guide that does exactly what you suggest. It’s “the better world SHOPPING GUIDE” by Ellis Jones. It’s for socially and environmentally responsible consumers and ranks every product from A to F. Check it out!

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