Stop outsourcing continued and start supporting home based businesses

People power can control the economy not by violence or picketing but by shopping and becoming informed.  We (there are how many more of us than them-99%:1%) elect and/or hire representatives to protect and preserve our economy, health, education, rights, jobs and so on.  Our officials should be held accountable for their decisions and actions.  If the 1% could not provide them with such extensive financial backing they would owe them much less.  It is reasonable to consider that limits for campaign contributions must again be controlled and limited.  Again I think it should be one dollar to one dollar: for every dollar donated one dollar should go for a worthy cause.  Who is to say what that cause should be?  Perhaps it should go to encourage the American –home based companies who need help more than the large corporations.

I think that WE should demand change and accountability!

~ by judylove64 on July 30, 2012.

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