Number two on the list of addressing respect and firmness

This is a preview of what I plan to send to my daughter who continues to pressure me if you have time (anyone) please send me comments before I send- I am going to church and plan to send later today.


Last July you and Chip both made the decision to move again, without regard to my feelings or understanding or input.  I do not think you knew that I felt much as you do now.  I had the same questions and did not understand “why”.  The holidays were not a consideration nor were being so far away that I would not see you or the children except for video cam.  I could not see you logic and still kept my fears and concerns to myself.  It is not for me to question or stand in the way of your decisions but rather allow you to choose and be an independent couple.  I guess I just had to cut the cord.  Now on the other hand I need the same consideration and understanding and trust that I will make the same decisions independently what I do need is support in whatever my final decision is and not questions as to why?  If I decide  to stay here we can still visit and if I move there then we will be close.

~ by judylove64 on July 29, 2012.

One Response to “Number two on the list of addressing respect and firmness”

  1. Sounds fine. The fifth line needs a small correction. “You” should be “your” – “I could not see your logic…”

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