Days end

Thank you for the gentle (quiet) rainfall and the sunny blue skies that followed.  The decreased humidity and gentle blowing wind.  The movement of the willow allowing daydreams to set in.  The sun played hide and seek between the swaying of the leaves flirtaciously.  It was a nice day after all.  Thank you God.  Another day of positive accomplishment both within and without myself.  More organization and more assertions to satnd my ground with again an empowering feeling.  My housemate has gone on a week’s vacation and stated that upon return he would complete the outstanding work especially the deck.  In an email this morning I stated my dissatisfaction with the jobs that hung on awaiting completion for over a month closer to two.  I really prefer to live in peaceful coexistence and do not relish the need for asserting or muscle flexing.  So the feeling of empowerment is bittersweet.  Jessie patiently awaits our ritual routine of bedtime and television.  I must admit knowing that I am alone again is this time comforting and freeing.  I do not need to wear a bathrobe or comb my hair for fear of scaring him and I can leave the door open or not as I chose.  As much as I do not like being alone I plan to enjoy this week.  I also do not wish to wait on him to paint my room -I am not crippled and have painted before.  It will please me to chose my own color and do what I can in my own time.  Taking up the carpet may present a bigger challenge but I have a young neighbor who said he would help me if I need help with anything.  It would give me great satisfaction to have completed this task on my own and hopefully send a message to him.

~ by judylove64 on July 29, 2012.

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