The “mean chicken dance”and other games…

Unless you know what a mean chicken is you will not understand this statement. I have had several opportunities to be taught not to play into this philosophy. It is not a fun thing and I will not be “played” anymore. I will not respond when asked to play nor will I play. I have had enough of BS in my life that I do not and will not be a part in some kind of joke.

Now on to more important things:

I am having another kind of game that I do not want to be a part of and that would be monkey in the middle. I am attempting to not engage in comments either way yet am solicited to listen. Regardless of the outcome I MUST remain neutral. However I have yet to speak my mind about being put in an awkward position last week -I am mulling over how to say what I need to say as effectively and concisely. I do not want to miss the opportunity to get my message across.

I am also having this guilt game from my daughter going. I pretty much know how to say what it is that must be said here but am just waiting for the “right moment”. It is clearly what she needs to hear but I am afraid that it will be a “bitter pill to swallow”. She does not (repeatedly) “understand why I would not want to be with family and grad’s that miss her especially when the holidays are coming and why I would not want to move to AR when I would save so much money”. The flip side is the convenience of having a built in baby sitter and financial source close at hand would be a benefit for both she and the 16 yr old who now baby sit. When last year she and her husband chose to move away the above were not a concern -love ones, holiday etc. I did not understand and it was painful to see them go (again) to the other end of the world (for me). I could not interfere in her autonomy in decision making and yet she wants to take away mine. It will be something she may fail to absorb but it is the same scenario in reverse without the same respect for a personal choice just guilt to the nth degree.


~ by judylove64 on July 28, 2012.

One Response to “The “mean chicken dance”and other games…”

  1. You’re thinking the right thoughts. The difficult part is keeping the bridges open.

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