Rain rain go away or at least do it quietly!


Well I spent about as much energy talking to the dog thru this last storm which was not as violent as some. I kept up a constant incessant chatter to reassure her all was well. All while cleaning and straightening my bedroom, putting my dresser in order and hanging clothes. Occasionally I would yell at the thunder to go away- Thank God no one could hear me but the dog. I was up early and very busy, cooking, running to the store and art work in addition to the previous screen. It is 430pm EST and I am ready for bed _I am beat but I feel great at all that I have accomplished today. This is the first day in a couple of weeks that I have had this much energy or motivation and it is a “positive”.

I should have the entire place in great shape by this time next week since the forecast is exactly the same for at least the seven days to come. Maybe by then she will no longer be frightened and/ or I will have no voice.

My cataract is Wed and though it is a bit scary I am really in need of it. Once I can see what I have been missing I should also be thinner as a result of cleaning all that I currently miss.

Though I would like a nap I would be foolish to do so this early- then I would be up all night cleaning or organizing again.

Come to think of it I just remembered why I am feeling like I went to work out- yesterday I moved the oak (heavy ass) headboard looking for my glasses only to find them in my covers. later I fought with the computer for over one and a half hours trying to get the internet back up and running and finally after the circuit breaker tripped off and I flipped every “ freakin” switch to “fix” it found the frig not working. I proceeded to rearrange the kitchen and move the frig across to the other side of the room switched the monster microwave and standing cabinet. Yes I really saved the day and the food in the frig but found out that in missed of the switches and all was in vain. Goodie!

~ by judylove64 on July 28, 2012.

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