More T-storms coming

My dog and I will endure another bout of storms tonight-we started off the day with them and I presume finish too.  She quivers and shivers and I am afraid whe will have a heart attack.  I cannot console her at all.

Had good news today: my budget for G&E is over $1400 in excess absolutely wonderful, maybe now I can get caught up with othr bills.

Back at painting, framed two today and boy do they look better.  I had  planned to mat them but the frame was too small-drat!

Tried to do a good deed today by taking the two women Wendy’s Chicken sandwichs but one does not eat from fast food places- man you try and try and what do you get?  “Another day older and deeper in debt…”as the song goes.  Made two trips up to bring pull carts from home (for grocery or laundry) along with some of the things just lying here collecting dust.  Better for church to get the money than having them sit idle.  It is part of our “time and talent pledge” concept.  The only thing is there are too few giving towards this but alleging that they are.  If equally shared things could be better run and more profitable by drawing in more for events to raise money.

Well I am hoping that the weather man is very off base their talking about southwest NY  be better if they were a few miles too far into the east.


~ by judylove64 on July 26, 2012.

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