Dreams are mostly great.

 Last night I slept well (without the dog barking at 230am). Of my dreams and they are many I remember dreaming of my ex-husband. The content was neither pleasant nor frightening. Living with someone who has drug addiction is a roller coaster ride in and of itself. One never knows what to expect or when. He had many episodes of MIA for days or weeks. I guess I allowed him to rob me of myself and my passions. It is much like a battlefield that a domestic violence victim goes thru. In fact I guess it was emotional as well as physical abuse and threats. I believed that he could change if I just believed and prayed. Much like the story of Peter Pan when tinker bell was dying and the child was told by her mother clap your hands and really believe very hard (this was from the movie ET when Drew Barrymore was the child)

I guess the best thing I can extract from the experience is an understanding of others who are in similar situations. I have learned for the most part they will not leave and will not discuss it even when bruised and battered. They are victims trapped in their own delusions and fears- confused and frightened.

~ by judylove64 on July 25, 2012.

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