I am so selfish an so ungrateful

I have been thinking how it would be to live rich without cares , chores, people to pick up after me, cook and clean.  I would have the day to fritter away sitting outside sipping coffee (a never ending pot) on the veranda watching the gardeners magically transform my yard.  The dog could run endlessly with the fence to protect her from cars

I could have ladies over for lunch and they could stay for happy hour.  Some would have other plans but for those who did not would also stay for a great dinner prepared by my cook.  Everything would be beautiful and spotless; the furnishings would be tasteful and solid (rather than Wal-Mart’s

Children could come by and play in the yard and even go for pony rides.    It would be a big while house with several porches especially in front of the bedrooms for early morning or late evening chats.  I would have a house full of family and laughter would abound as well as love.  God’s beauty would be everywhere in the house and on the grounds.  His love would also abound.

Meanwhile it is back to the same old place and same old grind with only my helper doggie and me doing whatever I can to bring love close to me

~ by judylove64 on July 17, 2012.

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