things I love continued

my computer jammed or the website?

Being a totally sensual person my joy is expeienced through all of my senses.  Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and feeling (both inside and out).  All of memories can return when certain smells are tickling your nose,  a favorite song or sound like  gulls at the oceas, The taste of Lemon ice eam etc.  It is said the verve that triggers memories runs thru the same circuit in the brain and it is for this reason this happens.

Now I have five pillows on my bed and I think I will go to macy’s for men’s cologne samples (familiar ones of course.)  I will sprinkle one on each pillow to see if it generates dreams of past loves,  Aramis is a definite for the one man in my life I really loved,  Lily of the valley for my grandmother, channel for my mom, old spice for my grandfather and musk for another old friend.  I think that could be a fund experience.

I will let you know.

~ by judylove64 on July 12, 2012.

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