I cannot escape my inner child


I am embarrassed to say that I must be guilty of indirect child abuse by neglecting my inner child’s needs. I find myself seeking approval from all sorts of people most who are tolerant of behavior. Childlike I take my paintings to the Church to show my friends and some I do not really know. They must think me desperate for approving “at a boys” and truly I guess I am. Living alone (almost- the housemate does not count he is gone a lot) makes me a little stressed and since the dog does not say much about my outlandishness she does grumble under her breathe. Since I retired she has assumed the quiet side of a conversation much like a husband who “yes dears” your babbling. I have recognized that being a good listener is truly the best half of a conversationalist and she has that down pat. She even turns her hear as if trying to understand my incessant chatting. Church volunteering is a treat since I get the opportunity to babble for four hours to whoever will listen. When I worked in the area of corrections I used to say that I had a captive audience. I did! They would just smirk.

~ by judylove64 on July 10, 2012.

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